In my project I chose to focus on technology as opposed to emotions and show the contrast between them. These days, it’s impossible to overlook society’s dependency on screens and the massive increase of media consumption. While at the same time society continues to seek emotions and a human connection. Technology has reached a point where it has become indispensable to all our lives which in turn has given it control over us and our emotions. The issue I chose to focus on was the moment when your device lets you down- stops working- and the distress that follows. The error disrupts the flow of your daily life, causing failure in communication and loss of control.

In my work, I am experimenting with knitting multiple contrasting materials, hard vs. soft and thick vs. thin threads. While also examining with colour contrasts, pastel colours which give a sense of calm and harmony next to neon shades which are irritating and loud to the human eye.
In my designs I tried to emphasize how individuals get lost in technology and are becoming less sensitive and more robotic. Therefore, I decided to design a non structured and non gendered model and cut, because I wanted to focus more on shapes and colours and the disassembling of them, as a way to trap the human body.

Technique- KnitWear by Stoll machines | Materials- Merino, cotton & Nylon