In my knitting project, I explored the 

photographs of sidewalks which I took during my trip to Japan. I was intrigued by the colorfulness, the patterns and the asymmetric designs that characterize the sidewalks across Japan. I was interested in examining how I could combine the warning signs for the blind people (located along the length and the edge of the sidewalk)

in my knits and examine what is the end and what is the way.

Another thing that guided me in the project was the Japanese streetwear, which usually emphasizes the void between the body and the garment and it does not speak directly with gender, rather obscures it. Therefore I knitted the clothing without a cut or fit to a particular body. The choice of models for the project also stemmed from the desire to show diversity.

Technique-Manual Knitting Machine & Foil Printing | Materials-Wool, Cotton & Lurex